Özkoç, with its 30 years of experience, serves the needs of the trailer industry, follows the developing technology and combines its experience with market-oriented solutions with its innovative spirit.
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With its registered Trax brand, it offers its values to its customers with world-class production, quality and innovative structure.

Production and Quality

Ozkoc Trax Hub: Has simple assembly and disassembly with the bearings that are used, due to its design, it has lower weight and high resistance for any reactions. Different models are available for usage capacities. After R/D studies, the hub was developped to resist high heat with the outer cooling channels. Usage of axle shaft, bearing and axle nuts are classified for each capacity.

Brake: Brake parts used for Ozkoc axles have high rate braking capacity. 20cm and 22cm width drum brake designed brake parts are suitable according to the axle capacity. The brands known and accepted by european standars are being used for the production. Brake parts which are manufactured with the technological investments have long usage time and suitable brake rates. All axle brake rates are certified with the world known ECE R 13 brake test certificate.  

Axle Beam: Light type axle beam is produced without the alloy tube, mounting the U shaped sheet plates with the submerge welding. Forged axle and parted braker assy mounting is conducted by using the mig/mag welding method. This beam type preferred for light capacity vehicles and standard usage because of its resistance to bending and light weight.

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